Cloud services


Winpos Cloud is an alternative to the traditional fixed server. The Winpos Cloud virtual server gives you quick and safe access to all your business information. You are no longer dependent on your office server and don’t have to worry about information loss or server problems.

Let us handle your data so you can focus on your core business.


A common downside of using an online service is of course the potential loss of data when the internet connection goes down. In this scenario, the Winpos system continues to work as usual in offline mode and syncs the data once the POS comes back online. You won’t even notice!

Run your business from anywhere

If you have an internet connection you can be on top of your business, anytime, anywhere.


Adjust server size and capacity according to the needs of your company or chain. You can focus on your chain growing and not worry about the technical stuff.

Increased security

With Winpos Cloud your information is in safe hands.

Is the information safe in the cloud?

The answer is YES!

The long, and boring, answer is: Yes! The server facility has multiple simultaneous internet connections to ensure, that you always have a working internet connection, regardless of eventual problems in one of the connections. Backups of the information on the virtual server are made in a physically separate IT facility to ensure, that even a major accident does not lead to information loss.

Whant to know more about winpos cloud?

Never hesitate to contact us, we are almost always here to answer your questions. 

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