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Great Burger in Åland uses self-service checkouts

Great Burger is one of Åland’s most popular fast-food restaurants. Around 150 – 300 people eat in the restaurant every day, depending on the season.

All three of the company’s restaurants are under the same roof. Great Burger offers e.g. prime rib burgers and salads. Great Pizza offers Neapolitan pizzas that are baked in a special oven at a high temperature. A few weeks ago, Great Thai opened, offering Thai food.
Being a player in the fast-food industry does not mean compromising on the quality of the ingredients. -We mainly use local ingredients of the best quality. When you use good ingredients, the result is also good and the customers are satisfied, says Great Burger CEO Mats-Johan Mattsson.

Great Burger has been using the Winpos POS system for two years. The restaurant has two fixed checkout points, three self-service checkouts and a kitchen display system.

The orders are transferred from the POS terminals and self-service terminals directly to the kitchen. The order is prepared and then marked as ready for pick-up on the kitchen display. The customer sees that the order is ready to be picked up on an info display in the restaurant.  

Great Burger CEO Mats-Johan Mattsson has been satisfied with the POS solution and supplier. – We wanted a large and experienced supplier. For two years now we have cooperated with Winpos and their dealer in Ekenäs, EKM Service, and we are happy with the cooperation. We also appreciate that we received service in Swedish. 

-As a business owner, it is important to review all expenses, and the staff is of course a large cost. We wanted to reduce our staff costs by acquiring POS terminals that do not require cashier staff. In addition to our self-service terminals our restaurant still has two regular checkout points, where customers receive personal service if they so wish. If we happen to have less staff on site, we refer customers to our self-service checkouts during rush hours. All in all, we save a lot now compared to before.

-Currently, about 55 % of our total sales take place via the self-service checkouts, but many of our customers order at our drive-in window. About 75 – 80 % of our in-house sales take place via the self-service checkouts.
-I think that self-service checkouts are the future of ordering. We would also like to offer self-service at our drive-in window, so that the customers could order directly from the car without the help of checkout staff, says Mattsson.

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