Point Of Sale


Winpos Point Of Sale (POS) front ends are user-friendly, easy-to-learn and let you run your business from wherever you are. Optimize inventory, menus and get real-time reports from every location down to a single POS unit.

Winpos POS runs smoothly from the palm of your hand. Winpos POS front end provides the possibility to connect to your current ERP or business management system.


Cost effective

Winpos adapts to your needs so that as seasons come and go you have enough POS when you need them - and can scale down when you don’t!

Versatility, flexibility and agility

Don’t adapt your business to your POS, let your POS adapt to you. Winpos POS front end can be used as a standard, mobile or self-service POS, right out of the box.

Only one integration point

Whether you have just one or 1000 locations, the Winpos system runs from a single instance and can integrate with a vast number of partners.


We develop our software with a focus on reliability and stability. Winpos lets you focus on your core business, knowing your POS are ready to work just as hard as you do from day one.

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