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The POS experience has been reinvented and is easier than ever. Winpos now fits into a single mobile device and it’s time to ask yourself: Do I really need a classic POS solution? Why not handle tables, take orders, split checks and all the things you want to do from one single mobile POS?

Mix and match to fit your business

With Winpos you can mix regular POS terminals with mobile POS terminals and self-service kiosks. Let us help you get the solution right with a POS that adapts to your business.

Winpos Mobiili

Orders at the table

Take orders at the table and send them to the kitchen and bar direct for faster service, freeing up your wait staff to provide customers with service and recommendations.

Easy to use

The mobile POS works similarly to the other POS units and needs little to no additional training.

Improve customer service

Let your staff focus on the customer and the part that needs a human touch. Give them the freedom to focus on upselling and creating a more pleasant dining experience.


We enable faster table turnaround by allowing customers to split checks and pay with any payment method they choose at the time the check is presented.

Effective inventory management

Quick and easy inventory management integrated in the mobile POS. Use your phone to scan and handle all your inventory.

Sales Dashboard

No more guessing! Get real-time reports easy direct in your mobile POS.

Winpos mobiilipääte

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