Haagan itsepalvelukassa

At Hotel Haaga, students pay for their lunch at self-service checkouts

– The self-service checkouts are irreplaceable to us. A traditional checkout would bind the staff unnecessarily and the students are very used to paying at these checkouts. Around 150-200 people pay at the lunch restaurant’s self-service checkouts every day. We have mainly received good feedback from our customers about the self-service checkouts. Winpos is a clear and well-functioning solution.

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Lakeus Kokkaa 2023

Lakeus Kokkaa

We are participating in the Lakeus Kokkaa fair together with Lakeus Office on Tuesday, May 9 from 12:30 to 17:00. Come to see and discuss the POS solutions of the future.

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strongest in Finland

A reliable partner

This year, Winpos has been granted The Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate. In 2023, Winpos also belongs to the best possible Dun & Bradstreet credit category.

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Rolls Korpelankulma customers pay using a self-service checkout

At Rolls Korpelankulma in Kankaanpää, the Winpos self-service checkout was taken into use about a year ago.

The Rolls chain is a long-term customer of Winpos. Rolls Administration Manager Tommi Oksanen is pleased with the Rolls self-service solution in Korpelankulma and hopes that self-service checkouts will become more common in all Rolls restaurants in the future.

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Good maiden voyage, Aurora Botnia!

Winpos has had the privilege of following the completion of the new vessel, as Winpos and Wasaline have been cooperating since 2012. Aurora Botnia´s restaurants and shop are equipped with a total of 15 new Winpos-checkouts.

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