Jungle Juice Bar

The popular Finnish juice and smoothie chain Jungle Juice Bar has been using the Winpos POS system for 5 years. The key to a long and successful cooperation is, above all, people.

Jungle Juice Bar is a Finnish smoothie and juice bar chain that currently has around 50 locations around Finland. In addition to fixed locations, Jungle Juice Bar also serves its customers in seasonal locations. Jungle Juice Box and Jungle Juice Bus can be found, for example, at busy markets, in amusement parks or at the beach. With the launch of the Jungle at Home product category, which got off to an excellent start, smoothies and frozen smoothie mixes are now also available in grocery stores.

– The smoothies are made from scratch on site and all the juices we use are freshly squeezed on site. We want to bring positive energy to our customers and promote a healthy lifestyle both in shopping centers, outdoors and at home. We are developing our assortment in all these areas so that we can offer as many customers as possible our smoothies, which are good for both body and mind, says Eero Lamminen, CFO of Jungle Juice Bar.

Jungle Juice Bar and Winpos started their cooperation in 2018. According to Lamminen, the cooperation with Winpos has worked well. The POS system is suitable for the chain, especially due to its ease of use.

-Every customer encounter is important to us, and our brilliant, cheerful, and competent staff is the key to an excellent customer experience.
In Eero’s opinion, people are one of Winpos’ strengths as well.

-Winpos has competent and accommodating experts, with whom it has been easy and pleasant to work. Their weekend and evening on-call duty service is important to us, and it has worked well.

-As a chain, it has been important to us that the Winpos POS system is easy for new employees to adopt and stable to use. This is important because many of our new employees are with us in their first job at the beginning of their career. We have customized the POS view so that it would be as easy as possible for the staff to use. With color codes, for example, the staff can easily find green smoothies, fruit smoothies, protein smoothies, etc., Lamminen tells us.

Lamminen has also been happy with the POS equipment used by the chain and especially with the customer-facing displays, which can be used for advertising.

-The large customer-facing displays on our POS terminals are being used actively. We promote new products on the displays, and they also work well for general communication. For example, when we released our Jungle Juice Bar loyalty app, the displays were very useful, Lamminen says.

Jungle Juice Bar’s own loyalty application, JJB APP, is integrated into the Winpos POS system. Thanks to the application, customers can be offered relevant offers, and it is easier to enter into dialogue with customers, for example regarding customer feedback. Users can use the app to make pre-orders and pay for their drinks. According to Lamminen, the implementation has been a great success.

– Our customers have received the application extremely well and both the application and our assortment are developed based on customer feedback. The JJB APP has been developed in cooperation with Superapp.

Jungle Juice Bar and Winpos will develop their ordering, checkout, and service solutions in step with technological development and by listening to the needs of their customers. Lamminen believes, that the key words in the future of payments will be ease and security.
– Contactless payments will increase even more. The use of cash will decrease, but the needs of different customer groups will vary, and the development will look different in different customer segments. We will develop our order functions and introduce new payment methods, while at the same time listening to our customers’ wishes and needs.

Pictures: Sami Siilin

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