About 60 Life health food stores use the  Winpos POS system.  Some of the stores also use the Winpos multi-store solution, which enables the management of several stores and the monitoring of sales centrally. The first Winpos multi-store system was introduced to the chain in autumn 2005.


The right products in the right place at the right time

The Life chain is happy with Winpos.  Many Life merchants have been using the system for over 10 years.  According to them the best thing about the Winpos POS system and especially the multi-store system is the real-time inventory tracking. It facilitates ordering routines and inventory management, and it is also easy to make price changes and campaigns for several stores from one place. Easily accessible sales history data at product level also helps significantly with placing orders and determining the right order quantity. In today’s world, information needs to be easily and quickly available so that the stores can focus on the most essential, which is customer service and sales.

The Winpos POS system, especially the retail solution, has been developed over the years by listening to the needs of the stores and the merchants’ user experiences.  The Life chain is pleased with the cooperation.  In the early stages of piloting the multi-store solution, a lot of product development was carried out  together. According to the Life chain, Winpos has been an excellent and flexible partner in this regard.

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